Common name : Banana
Thai name : Kluai
Scientific name : Musa

Kluai Hom

Weight : approximately 150 g/fruit, thick skin
Colour : bright yellow skin, yellowish white flesh when ripe
Taste : sweet and fragrant
Kluai Khai
Weight : approximately 50 g/fruit, thick skin
Colour : golden yellow skin, yellowish White flesh when ripe
Taste : sweet with appetizing fragrance
Kluai Namwa Weight : approximately 100 g/fruit, thick skin
Colour : smoky yellow skin, white stiky flesh when ripe
Taste : sweet

Nutritional value
High carbohydrate and vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus

Fruiting season
All year for Kluai Hom and Kluai Namwa, but Kluai Khai is available during August-November

Eating fresh

Fresh fruit can be kept in the refrigerator for 5-7 days