How To Make ' Ham bone '

1.Roll 3 mm in thick log of bone mixture clay and cut 25 mm in length. Poke 6mm in hole in one of this and bake for 10 minutes.While still warm, trim the pierced end to make the bone look cut. 2.From 25 mm in ball of ham flesh clay and marble in a thin log of translucent clay to make it streaky. Roll out some translucent clay until it is very thin and apply this round the outside of the flesh clay.Marble a few times more to incorporate some lines of ' fat ' inside the ham.
3.Shape the ham into an oval,with all the streaks running longitudinally through it. Apply more thin sheets of translucent to the outside so that it is completely covered with a thin layer. Make a hole in one end and insert the baked bone,pressing the clay tightly all round it and leaving just the cut end protruding. 4.Make diagonal cuts all over the outside of the ham. Brush the ham with the three colors of pastel to brown it and bake the ham for 10 minutes.When it is cool,varnish with gloss varnish and cut some thin slices.